I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with Levius. The description said the story dealt with the violent sport of Metal Boxing. It sounded a bit like Magalo Box. Was this a rehash? No. It is different than Magalo Box. Levius has a better story, better characters, and better animation.

With his father dead and his mother in a coma, war orphan Levius falls under the care of his uncle Zack, a former fighter now retired. Soon Levius becomes consumed by Metal Boxing, and begins training under Uncle Zack. Rounding out the team are medical/engineering genius Bill and a street wise girl fighter named Natalia.

Moving up in the rankings, Levius is on course to clash with the series’ villain, “Mr. Clown.” There is a girl from Levius’ past; the girl he could not help. She is AJ, and Mr. Clown has control over her reinventing her into a monstrous fighting machine.

If you like excitement, you have it here. The battles are vicious. Actually, considering the physical punishment the fighters receive, credibility is pushed to the limits. But just ignore that. Levius is putting his neck on the line to find purpose.

Try to catch this one. Levius is on Netflix Streaming.