So there's this planet, right? And everyone is born female. At the age of 17, they can choose to become male. Until then, they pilot these magic flying machines into battle. These machines are called Simoun. Isn't that clever?

OK, so the concept is not that bad, and even enticing if you are into gender bending. But I only got as far as half way through episode 6, when I wondered why I was wasting my time. For every episode, I felt I was just waiting for it to end. I do try to give every series a chance, even though by the end of episode 2 I had a bad feeling about this anime. It just smacks of a lack of effort in putting together the plot.

The animation also shows a lack of effort. The characters are just too stiff. Very little is done to give them life. There is just not anything to watch really.

So I am giving up on Simoun. Maybe you might try it if you have problems sleeping at night.