Some of the best movie and TV moments are when you see the perfect con worked out by professionals Ė or at least actors playing professionals. I just finished the first two seasons of Great Pretender on Netflix Streaming.

Makoto is a small time Japanese con artist who finds himself involved with a gang of big time international confidence men lead by a Frenchman named Laurent, and his cute but tough cohort Abby. There are a few others we meet along the way, but Laurent and Abby are Makotoís introduction to the international big time. But Makoto does have a conscious and a desire for a normal life. Can Laurent continue to pull Makoto back in? Obviously, or else we would have a very short series.

The teamís specialty is conning criminals and low lifes. Their season one journeys take them to Hollywood, the Middle East, Paris, and London. It is fun watching the characters enjoy the game. Season two however takes a darker turn when Laurent, Makoto, and crew go up against a criminal organization specializing in child slave trafficking. The finale seems a bit farfetched, even when explained in the final episode. Does it have a happy ending? I am not telling. But keep watching after the final episode credits roll. You may see a set-up for season 3.

Great Pretender has an interesting color scheme for much of the artwork. I would describe it as an unnatural blend of bright pastels. It fits in well with the series. The artwork does draw the attention of your eye, or rather distracts it. Isnít distraction what the great con is all about?

I watched some with the English dub and some with the original Japanese. For some episodes, it may be easier to follow in Japanese with English subtitles. Both dubs have excellent voice acting.

So thumbs up for Great Pretender. Warning: Due to language, sexual situations, and a little violence, I do not recommend this one for kids.