The Fate franchise has a loyal following, but really? How often can you get away with the same-old same-old? What is needed is a new twist. Fortunately, Fate/Grand Order Ė First Order delivers.

The Chaldea Security Organization exists to ensure that humanity has a future by going back in time and locating threats to that future, and then destroy them. Itís actually more complicated than that, but it would probably take a dissertation to explain it. Fortunately, it is just a plot device and really an excuse to create battle situations for the viewer to enjoy.

Ritsuka is a lower level recruit just arriving in Chaldea. He meets a shy, meek girl named Mash. Soon Ritsuka gets off on the wrong foot with the feisty female director. And next there is a case of sabotage with all three being set back in time, and with Mash merging with an unknown Hero to become a demi-Servant. Fate veterans will know what I am talking about.

The bad news is that they find themselves in the middle of a Holy Grail war. All humans are gone, and only the Heroes remain to fight amongst themselves. After teaming up with Caster, our trio set off to eventually do battle with the much feared Saber. But there are some surprising twists and turns.

Fate/Grand Order Ė First Order is the first in a series of TV movies adapted from a video game, based on what I could find on-line. So it doesnít quite have the quality of a theater released anime. But the action scenes are well done. Chapter one ends setting up more adventures for Ritsuka and Mash.

The plot is thin, but Fate fans wonít mind too much. If you donít get enough Saber, Mash seems like a nice girl.