Well, here we go with another high school anime. Just what we need, right? It has all what you would expect from a high school anime, but wait! Kamichui! is a bit different.

Yurie is just like any other 14-year-old trying to break into adulthood and not totally being sure of who she is or where she wants to go in life. The smallest in her class, she is a bit childish, clumsy, not exactly a wiz in her studies, and she has a heavy crush on a boy who canít even remember her name.

Then one day she wakes up thinking sheís a god. Hereís the thing, though. Yurie actually is a god, complete with powers. OK, so you probably think you know what happens next. Yurie uses her power to become a sort of magical girl who fights evil. Nope. This is not that kind of anime. There is one episode with a visitor from Mars, but there really is little action in this series. Kamichui! is about growing up.

Each episode is a stand-alone story of Yurie and her friends, and the strange world of being a god. Now this is not like an all-powerful omnipotent god. I am not so familiar with Japanese theology, so I will let someone else explain it. If I were to categorize Kamichui!, I would label it partly fantasy, but primarily a slice of life anime.

It is also a Shojo anime aimed at pre-teen girls. There is no fan service, no profanity, and no real violence. So how did I sit through the series? Itís the character of Yurie. She is well-defined, identifiable, and just plain likable.

The artwork is nice, and so is the animation. Itís not exceptional, but does fit the seriesí theme quite well. Kamichui! is a charming and heart winning anime. What I don't understand is why there was only one season.