It’s time for another school anime – as if there were not enough. Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea does have a different twist, but does the twist manage to carry the series? Hint: There are 26 episodes and I got only as far as episode 10.

We get the usual middle school drama. Boys and girls are starting to form crushes on one another. We get the usual triangles, and other young teen angst. And of course there are conflicts between the generations.

What is different in A Lull in the Sea is that the human race is divided between those who adapted to living on land and those who still live in the sea. When the sea school closes, four sea living kids have to go to school on land. At first, the other students do not accept them, but eventually, by golly, they all get along together. Surprise! No, not really. This is the obvious route for the story.

It may have worked better for me if the series had actual characters, rather than cliché characterizations. We have the brash bossy kid, the quiet reserved girl, the all-round great guy, and others who have met in other anime. It all makes for a boring time, at least for me.

Now the story does take a potentially tragic turn. The sea god is weakened and saddened by his children leaving the sea, so we get the world about to freeze over. Somehow, not even being half-way through the series, I have the feeling it will work itself out. I just don’t see me getting interested.

Now I admit not being part of the intended audience. This anime seems to be aimed for pre- and early teens. If you are in that group, you may find A Lull in the Sea to be entertaining, even if I didn’t.