Season three of Aggretsuko breaks the rules. This series is a light-hearted spoof of the anxieties, frustrations, and pressures of the modern young professional women. Now get ready to go where Aggretsuko has never gone before.

Retsuko is a panda. Finally I figure out what she is supposed to be! Anyway, she is 25, single, and works a mind-numbing job in the accounting department of a large company. Thanks to a parking lot accident, she gets an opportunity to change her life, but is it a change she actually wants? Who would think that getting involved with an all-girl J-pop singing group could help her take control of her life? Who could foresee the cost? If that is not enough, her secret love Haida involves Retsuko, without her knowledge, in a love triangle.

Season three is ten fifteen minute episodes, of which the last two get dark. A psycho is stalking our heroine, and her life is in the balance. This is just one of the series rules which is broken. To tell more would be spoilers, so Aggretsuko fans just have to watch season three on their own.

I am really interested in seeing how season four turns out.