I was going to post this earlier, but I figure I should finish the series to see if maybe these two do get together. Maybe in season two.

They are Levius and Natalia from Levius. Both are metal boxers, but you can see how the street-wise Natalia is drawn to Levius. She does not come out and say she loves him, just that he and the rest of the team are the only family she has ever known. But you can tell she has romantic feelings for him. And Levius? Natalia is part of his family, too. Only like a sister. Poor Natalia.

I can't find a video of the two together, so I will just have to post the trailer:

The girl with the long blonde hair is Natalia. The girl with the short dark hair is AJ. You know, Levius and AJ would make a nice couple as well. GET SEASON 2 HERE AT ONCE!