Here is a sci-fi, horror, action, dark comedy anime. That’s a lot to say. Dorohedoro seems to have it all – including lots of blood.

Things get bloody from the first scene when we see Caiman and his muscle-bound female companion Nikaido attack a couple of sorcerers. Caiman has a bone to pick with these sorcerers, as one of then cursed him with a lizard’s head.

Eventually, our two heroes cross paths with two sorcerers, Shin and another muscle-bound woman named Noi, working as “Cleaners” for a man called En. Both Shin and Noi are talented sorcerers and assassins. No job is too bloody for them. Did I mention there is lots of blood?

Shin and Noi are joined by a lesser talented Fujita and a half-wit young girl named Ebisu. That rounds out the team. And we meet so many other wonderful characters along the way; some living and some with their guts torn out.

But in the end, Dorohedoro does not take itself too seriously. There is a comic thread throughout the series, which contrasts to the violence making this a very interesting anime to watch.

Pretty good artwork and animation as well, so put Dorohedoro on your list. There is not yet a season 2, but it is coming.