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Thread: Confusing stanza and kind of gross lyrics (sorry!)

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    Default Confusing stanza and kind of gross lyrics (sorry!)

    This stanza confuses me, especially the "Moji wo matsu," which seems like it's thrown in randomly and doesn't connect to the theme of everything else.

    Can anyone offer feedback?

    The song is Only You by Hakushi Hasegawa.

    肌から臓が 着ずれ 文字を待つ
    暗いたまりを 翻して
    また重ねる指の 隙間から
    わたしも少しは近づけるのか な

    Omotta toki dekita[1]
    Hada[2] kara zou ga, kikuzure, moji wo matsu[3]
    Kiraware sou na
    Kurai tamari wo[4], hirugaeshite
    Mata kasaneru yubi no, sukima kara
    Shiranai hito wo abitara
    Suiheisen made
    Karada ga tokete iru umi no soba ni
    Watashi mo sukoshi wa chikazukeru no ka, na

    I can do it when I think of it.
    My guts wear themselves out awaiting your letters,
    Leaking out of my pores all over the place.
    People seem to hate such a depressing sight,
    And I flip the guts over, showing every angle.
    Again they pile up, from the gaps between by fingers.
    If I bathe myself in the bodies of strangers
    I wonder if can get a bit closer
    To the ocean's horizon,
    Close to the ocean where the bodies are dissolving.

    [1] It seems so simple, but I'm not sure how to translate this and make it sound good.

    [2] I know hada means skin, but I think pores makes more sense in English.

    [3] "Moji wo matsu" seemed so random I thought it may be a figure of speech, but I didn't find anything like that on Google.

    [4] I know tamari means pile/pool, but "depressing pile that seems to be hated" sounded awkward in English to me. So instead I did a liberal translation attempting to communicate the idea of what is happening.
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