The first thing you have to know about The Law of Ueki is that there are dozens of plot points. I canít list them all, but to summarize:

The Celestrials are giving powers to junior high students so they can battle, with Ueki having the power to turn trash into trees, although this does make it sound like an environmental anime, which it isnít, but it does mean Ueki is fighting people stronger than him while keeping his righteousness and while this girl named Ai follows him around warning that if he loses all his talents he will disappear. Got that? Well, I am not going to repeat it.

Letís just say that there are several plot points we have seen in other anime, and while this series was interesting at first, I eventually lost interest. I got through disc 4, episode 16. Thatís a third roughly of the series. I am now just not that interested anymore. The repetition just starts too early.

And thatís all I have to say. Itís too late in the evening to say more. This is not a bad anime series, it is just that The Law of Ueki is not a good one either. I rate it average.