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Thread: Path of Exile

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    Default Path of Exile

    Path of Exile is a game that is very similar to Diablo in some ways. The constant changes in the league and the standardized game make this game quite unique in itself!

    Storage space ... can be expanded through the cash shop, but is worth every penny.
    Cosmetics are purely cosmetic and really only give your character shine, nothing else.
    The soundtrack is AMAZING, the different classes and builds you can create are amazing ... as there is never a boring moment or a "perfect" class.
    Everyone has their own taste of how to play, and the economy revolves around rare and very rare poe items that are not that hard to find in late game.

    Leveling up isn't hard at all either, as the EXP tables actually flicker in your direction and it never hurts to party with a group for even bigger exp and drops!

    Only one problem that plagues this game ... and that would be memory leaks and crashes. Unless you have a system that exceeds the minimum requirements by at least 25%, you will crash frequently.
    Top-class PC players experience crashes from time to time, but what can you do? lol
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