Exactly what is anime? Is it simply any animation from Japan, or is it a distinctive style regardless of where the series or movie were made? Seis Manos is an American production with the art and animation done in South Korea, judging by the names in the credits. The art style is not what one usually identifies as pure anime, but the Japanese anime influence is difficult to miss.

So whatís Seis Manos all about? Chui, a Chinese martial arts expert, settles in Mexico. He takes in three orphans, Isabela, Jesus, and Silencio, training them in a philosophy of life, as well as how to do battle with your body alone. But when semi-human-like monsters invade the village, Chui is killed. His three wards swear revenge, with Silencio going over the deep end.

Now letís meet Brister; African-American, big muscled, no nonsense, and a special agent from the US. And next we have the townís lone cop Garcia; female, good body, bored out of her skull, and also no nonsense in her demand for respect. They join Isabela, Jesus, and Silencio to go up against a drug kingpin called El Balde. (Some name, huh?)

El Balde is big and bad, and he can get much badder using black magic to create monsters, and to increase his own strength beyond human imagination. All is with the help of his imprisoned mother, who holds some surprises of her own. But El Balde is not the worst villain in the series. I will say no more.

This is purely an adult animation. There is blood, profanity, blood, sex, blood, and more blood. Season one is only eight episodes, but a season two is in the works.

Itís a good story. Keep your eyes open during episode one as the series starts off with some misdirection. There are plot twists, and a surprise lead in to season two.

Well animated, the action scenes are perfect. If you like going up against the unnatural, supernatural, or just plain bad-donkey, Then check out Seis Manos.