Finally we get what we all have been waiting for – an anime series which opens with the sound of bagpipes. That is the series Master Keaton.

Taichi Keaton-Hiraga, the son of a British mother and Japanese father, is a former SAS agent, ex-college professor and lecturer, and a trained archeologist. All these past jobs provide him with the skills and knowledge he needs to succeed in his current profession as an insurance investigator for Lloyd’s of London. Note Keaton only takes on the most difficult cases, though some of his adventures do involve helping ordinary people. Keaton is a man of action and one of intellect. The only place he falls short on is in the area of romance, though throughout the series romance is avoided, other than Keaton pining over his ex-wife.

Each episode of this 39 episode series is a stand-alone story, except for the two-part conclusion. Keaton the world traveler backs down in none of these tales.

Being produced back in the last century, which was not really all that long ago, the animation does not hold up against adventure anime from the past five years or so. But for the time it was made, Master Keaton is well drawn and produced. The stories do hold up making the series still enjoyable today, though not necessarily the most memorable series you will ever see. But I do suggest you check it out.