Can they still call this series 7 Seeds if some of the teams lose members, or gain members, or if teams combine? Letís not think too much about it. Rather letís talk about season two.

Season two of 7 Seeds deals with fewer characters, which make things easier to follow. Would be rapist and murderer Ango is banished from Team Summer A, along with his good pal Ryo. Together they come across Team Summer B, a fun loving group which just happened to find a ship to sail on, and who really have not the skills needed to survive the new world. You would think them lucky to have the resourceful Ango and Ryo join the team. Only what are these newcomers really planning? Also, Summer B includes Arashi, the boyfriend of Hana, the girl Ango is supposed to have killed. Awkward.

By concentrating on Summer B, with only one other side story, season two is more concise. Time is available to concentrate on character growth and development, which makes this season more interesting than the first. As it turns out, Ango is just not only a simple baddie, but he has a whole backstory which actually makes him a bit more sympathetic.

Artwork and animation are excellent. The story line is interesting. What more do you want? A suspenseful climax? Well, season two has that as well.

There is no letdown from the past season to the new one. Season two may be even better. But you decide. Both seasons of 7 Seeds is on Netflix Streaming.