The seasons keep getting longer, but thatís OK. There are more plots, stories, and complexities in season three of Castlevania than the earlier seasons. Season one was only four episodes. Season two had eight, and now with season three we have ten.

So when season three starts, we see Alucard, Draculaís half-human son, living alone in his fatherís castle. Trevor Belmont and Sypha of the Speakers have become lovers, when they are not killing night creatures. Carmella tells her vampire sisters of her plan to dominate the world. And the forgemaster Isaac returns to Europe seeking revenge, backed by his army of demons. You get the feeling that they will all meet up in the end, but that will probably be season four.

There are also some new characters of interest. Sumi and Taka travel all the way from Japan to learn from Alucard. Then there is St. Germain, a magician seeking the entry to hell. And there are more.

There is bloody action, though for most of the series what we get is conversation. But what conversations they are! The discussions are pretty deep, dark, and threatening. There is some great dialog here, though there is also profanity spoken by some characters for which the language may seem out of character. The most violent scenes are in the last two episodes, which also have the best animation.

This is an American produced series, with Korean artists and animators. But it is heavily influenced by Japanese anime, so you may want to give it a look. All three seasons are on Netflix Streaming. Castlevania gets my recommendation.