So here we have yet another high school anime with all the clichés. There are the trips to the beach, the school festival, a wacky teacher, and no parents. It certainly has been done before. But K-On still does it so well.

Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi hope to reincarnate the Light Music Club, only they are one member short. In comes Yui, a bit childish, who is interested in joining even if she has no musical abilities or knowledge. But Yui is determined to learn the guitar. The other three girls may not be great musicians, but once Yui begins to get the hang of her guitar, everything comes together and the whole becomes greater than the parts. Later a fifth member joins. Azusa is a year behind the others, is a much better musician, and takes music much more seriously, but she also fits right into the free spirited, laid back, fun loving band which comes to be known as After School Tea Time.

The series follows Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi from their freshman year until their graduation, and a bittersweet parting with Azusa. Things do get bogged down around the third season, when it seems repetition starts setting in. But the series does end at the right point.

I liked the artwork and the animation. But what really sells K-On are the characterizations. Each character has their own unique traits and personalities, although Yui and Ritsu have much in common. One weak point though is that the characters really do not change or develop much over their high school years. Still, you have to love these girls.

Netflix Streaming has all three seasons, plus bonus episodes. It is kind of a chick anime, but guys you will like it as well. No violence, sex, nudity, or profanity. So K-On is safe for kids.