Once upon a time, there was this schoolboy named Kai. Thatís about as good a way to start off as anything. Because essentially Lu Over the Wall is a fairy tale.

In a small fishing village struggling to survive, Kai is going through life without direction, except for a slight interest in music. His two friends, Kunio and Yuho, try to talk him into joining their band. And that is how Kai makes the acquaintance of a little girl mermaid named Lu. Lu loves music, dancing and singing, and is attracted to the bandís sound. Kai soon forms a friendship with her, but there is tragedy lurking around the corner once Luís existence becomes known in the town. After all, merfolk have the reputation of eating people.

Lu Over the Wall has an interesting mixture of adventure, suspense, and a bit of silliness. It is somewhat reminiscent of Hayao Miyazakiís Ponyo, but it is nowhere near Miyazakiís work when it comes to artistry. But donít let that stop you. Lu Over the Wall does have a good story.

There are only one or two instances of mild profanity, which in this day and age certainly make it acceptable for kids. Lu Over the Wall is also acceptable for adults.