As you can see from my earlier posting, I gave K-On my recommendation, despite it being a chick anime. No, really. It was pretty entertaining Ė although the final season got to be a teeny bit redundant. Would it hold up for a follow-up movie? Yes, it does.

K-On: The Movie picks up one of the final seasonís bonus episodes. So you really do need to watch the series first to fully appreciate what is going on.

And what is going on? The girls take a graduation trip to London, where they actually get a chance to perform. Itís one final triumph for After School Tea Time. And Yuiís parents have a cameo!

As a movie, some of the artwork and animation is better than the series. Obviously they had more time to put in an effort, though some of it is TV series standard.

The story is pure escapism. These girls have not a care in the world. But the K-On: The Movie, like the series, is feel-good. Both are on Netflix Streaming.