So the world is ending due to the coronavirus. Let's lighten things up for a while. Since medicine is on the front page of the papers, and the top story on TV news, let's talk about some medical anime. That is, anime which primarily deals with things medical.

There is a series called Black Jack, which I never saw. If anyone else has seen it, tell us about it.

Not to long ago in the review section, I mentioned an anime comedy Cells at Work, where red and white blood cells, and enemy viruses and germs, become anime characters.

Yeah, it's kind of silly. But still fun to watch.

Monster is the only other anime I have seen which comes close to being a medical anime. The hero is Tenma, a brilliant Japanese surgeon working in Germany, for whatever reason. He saves the life of a young boy who was shot in the head. Years later, the boy, Johan, is now a certified psycho mass murderer, and Tenma is blamed for Johan's crimes. It is a great psychological study. More of a crime anime, then medical. But it is close.

Any more?