I was wondering what to expect from a movie titled Girls und Panzer der Film. It is based on an anime series I have never seen. A panzer is a German tank used in World War II, right? So is this about a group of young, female Nazis? Naw, couldn’t be. Although in the interest of bad taste, one character does dress as one.

It seems teams from various girls’ high schools compete in tank battles. The ammunition is real enough, as is the collateral damage. Somehow no one gets hurt. With Ooari Girls Academy set to close down, the challenge is made to square off against a university team. And that’s it. There is a lot of action, much of it repetitive, but no real story line beyond one dimension.

What’s worse is it drags on for two whole hours. There is barely an hour of plot, so it gets pretty thin.

As I said, I never have seen the series, but after watching Girls und Panzer der Film, I do not want to.