So in the future, our consciousness will become digitalized and can be repeatedly downloaded into new bodies called “Stacks.” Got that?

Altered Carbon: Restacked is available on Netflix Streaming. It is based on a live action series, also on Netflix Streaming. I haven’t heard of the series before. I probably won’t watched the series. The movie version has enough blood and gore.

Takeshi Kovacs is given a new body, and in exchange for a promise is sent to infiltrate a yakuza organization. Key to his infiltration is a young teen named Holly, who is the mob’s tattoo artist. That actually becomes an important plot point. After being attacked by Tec Ninjas, this unlikely pair is forced to team up with a CTAC agent codenamed Gena. And a lot of people get sliced, diced, and blown away.

This is not what you normally call anime style. It is more in the realm of video game animation. But the style fits the subject well. In all, a nice job.

Altered Carbon: Restacked is not for kids. There is violence galore almost from beginning to end. But the bloodletting does not get in the way of a good story. I recommend this one for action fans. Listen to the bone crushing finale.