Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? We may never know the answer. We certainly donít get the answer in season one.

So hereís the premise. The gods have come down to Earth, and after forming groups called Familias, they empower human Adventurers with the skills and abilities to go down into the dungeon and hunt monsters. Not much to go on, right?

OK then. Letís take a teeny little almost nothing goddess named Hestia, who forms her own Familia with her only follower. His name is Bell, and he is not exactly all that strong. In episode one, his life is saved by the sword queen Ais Wallenstein from the Loki Familia. Bell has a crush on Ais, and she seems to be attracted to him. Actually for some strange reason, all the females are attracted to Bell. This includes the always jealous and pouting Hestia. Not that the always naÔve Bell is aware of any of this.

So Bell goes on to gain lot of friends, gets stronger, and in the end does battle with an unbeatable foe. Yes, it does sound all too familiar. Also all too formulaic.

If there is one thing which kept my interest, itís the characters. They all seem to be developed with their own unique personalities. It made me interested in most all of them, and barely gains a thumbs up from me.

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon does have occasional fan service, some profanity in the final two episodes, and a fair share of blood.