All of a sudden, a new continent appears on Earth. Named Magmel, it is a land of riches and deadly monsters. Fortune seekers, adventurers, scientists, and others are drawn to this strange new world, but mostly badly prepared for what awaits them. This leads to the development of a new profession – the Angler. An Angler is a professional rescuer who will travel to Magmel to find and save the unwary traveler. So that sets the premise for Magwel of the Sea Blue, aka Ultramarine Magwell.

Inyo is an Angler, not much more than a boy. But the resourceful Inyo is a master of his trade. Behind a false veneer of avarice, Inyo is basically good at heart. He is assisted by a young, long haired, blonde girl named Zero. Both are Lachters, who can create items, temporarily, out of thin air. This does come in useful.

The first ten episodes are all separate stories, not related to each other. Although there are some recurring supporting characters. Much of the series is told from a comic point of view. Only in the last three episodes, things get pretty dark as an old enemy reemerges kidnapping Zero and laying a deadly trap for Inyo. It is a tense finale, quite different than the rest of the series.

While not destined to be one of my favorites, Magwel of the Sea Blue is entertaining. No profanity. No nudity, though there are references to one character’s large breasts. (They are not supersized, like in so many other anime.) There is some violence, and a bit of blood. The series is suitable for teens on up.