There are trillions and trillions of cells in your body working to keep you healthy and alive. Now image those cells as anime characters, and you have Cells at Work.

Feisty Red Blood Cell is new to the job of delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. She is always either getting lost or attacked by a germ, bacteria, or a parasite. Lucky for her she has White Blood Cell always nearby to save her. Though his work does get quite violent and bloody, White Blood Cell is still a nice guy. And let’s not forget those cute, little Platelets.

Each episode shows the cells dealing with a new emergency. Only the show is a one joke premise. Fortunately, half way through, the cutesy story lines take a break and things get temporarily dark when the body must fight off a cancer cell. But soon things are back to normal as the series seems to refresh itself, and we can again enjoy Red and her hijinks. Season one ends with a two-part thriller, and apparently there is a season two.

Overall, this is an enjoyable series in which you may learn about the human body – if you take notes. As noted above, things do get bloody, comically so. This anime is not for young kids. But young teens to adults should enjoy Cells at Work.