So here we are back on Mars, and once again human ingenuity has made it into a livable planet. Only Mars society relies a little too much on AI; that is, artificial intelligence. Even the music of Mars is written by and human performers controlled by AI. All except Carole and Tuesday.

Seventeen year old Tuesday is from a wealthy and powerful family, but runs away to the city to hopefully pursue an interest in music. Quiet and unassuming Tuesday soon meets up with Carole, also 17 and a refugee from Earth. Carole struggles to get by on part-time jobs she cannot keep, but her interest in music keeps her going. Together the two girls write music from their hearts, which reaches out and touches those who hear it. With the aid of a washed-up agent named Gus, Carole and Tuesday begin a rise to the top.

Season one is the feel-good story of two young women developing a friendship, building confidence, and creating. Season two gets more dramatic with the sub-plots. Angela, a rival, begins to face difficulties, including a crazed stalker. Tuesday’s mom wages an unscrupulous campaign for president, including a proposal to deport all refugees back to Earth, which would include Carole. And there is more.

The musical sequences have some great animation. The character development is what the series is all about. Carole and Tuesday are winners, and so is their story.