So I just finished the live action movie for Nisekoi. And what can I say? It was meh. I didn't really hate as a lot of people might have. However there are a lot of things I did not like about it.

For starters - why did they skip/change so many things. I hated to see some of my favourite scenes being changed or just down right skipped. The acting was trying to relate to the anime, but it just failed horribly (this was one of the cringyest live action movies I have seen in a long time).

Some of the sound effects were also taken out of the anime and put onto the actors (like when Chitoge knee kicks Raku in the face - when he is sitting on the floor you can hear a certain effect, which just comes out as badly executed).

I am trying to include the least ammount of spoilers, but it's kinda hard to express my opinion if I cannot talk about certain scenes, so if you haven't watched the anime yet, you might want to skip a few lines (I will mark the end of the spoilers with a )

Ok so lets get started with the scene that made me kind of dissapointed.
The scene where Four-eyes jumps down with Raku and Raku is left unconscious. I don't know why they decided to completely change that scene. They thought it would be a good idea to replace the characters and their roles in that scene. And the worst part is that it doesn't make sence with the story at all. In the anime when Raku wins the fight with Tsugumi and Tsugumi is left unconscious in the pool he drags her out and goes on to change her clothes, because he still believes she is a guy. And that is where it is revealed that Tsugumi is actually a girl. But that is never revealed in the movie.

Another scene that bothered me was the part where Raku had to play out the Romeo and Juliet scene with Chitoge. They completely changed that scene aswell. Why would they make that whole giant staircase just to be different form the anime? I don't understand their mindset. Also the last part where chitoge poisons herself for Raku (in the play obviously). Why would they add that in when it doesn't add any value to the story at all. In the anime Chitoge stops hating Raku for the things he said because he climbs up to her in the play and she is really taken aback by his confession. That is how the story can progress, but in the movie they didn't include any of that.

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this movie to to people who haven't read the whole manga, because there are some MAJOR SPOILERS in the last 15min of the movie and it makes the whole movie even harder to swallow.

Also this is my first post so HELLO EVERYONE o/