If you consider anime more of an overall genre than just simply Japanese animation, then anime is not just Japanese anymore. MFKZ is a French/Japanese production co-directed by French illustrator/animator Guillaume Renard, who also co-wrote the script, and Japanese animator Shojiro Nishimi, who previously worked as an animator on various Batman and Superman animated series and movies, and who early in his career was a crew member on Akira.

And so we are taken to Dark Meat City. That is, the bad area of a rundown city where gangs rule and you just keep to yourself in hopes you donít get killed. We meet Lino, a small, skinny pizza delivery boy with large eyes and a big, round head. One day, Lino is distracted by a pretty girl, gets hit by a truck, and is then fired. Soon he begins to see things, such as strange shadows casted by seemingly normal people. Next? Some aliens called Machos are chasing Lino and his skull-faced friend Vinz for a reason they canít comprehend. The only thing saving Lino and Vinz are the mysterious powers which come out of nowhere into Linoís body.

The plot is eventually made clear, but not after a diet of steady violence, blood, and profanity. So no, this is not a film for the kids.

MFKZ keeps you interested, though. There are twists and turns, and a payoff when Lino must decide to be human or a monster. I recommend this one. You can catch it now on Netflix streaming.