I wasn't sure if it should be posted here or the technology forum. Feel free to move it if it needs to be.

It's 2020. Technology has really evolved, and there are a lot of interesting things you can do with it.

But... is there anything you do with technology that isn't what your first thought would be, or even last thought? Particularly with older technology?

Here's what I do:

I'm a game show nerd, and there's a new game show channel, better than "Game Show Network", and they stream their channel for free online. Otherwise it's a free over the air channel, so you only get it if you are in the area (Which I'm not) or it is on Dish, but I can't get Dish in my apartment (or I would...) So, I can watch my game shows live, and I don't do a lot, so I can watch most of them. But, sometimes I do have to miss something so....


I got an HDMI to AV converter, and set it as a second screen. I connect the AV to a VCR, and can set a timer for a show. And thus, I record an internet stream to a VCR. I bet not many people do that!!

Does anyone else use technology in interesting ways?