Imagine major corporations settling their disagreements and disputes outside the usual business realm, and outside any courtroom. Instead, they settle things fist to fist via hired thugs. So this is Kengan Ashusa.

Ohma, a rouge fighter, becomes the main battler for the Nogi Group. He is put under the care of a milquetoast lackey named Kazou Yamashita. Together with career woman Kaede Akiyama, they enter the Kangan Death Match to determine the new head of the Kengan Association.

We get a main storyline, supported by a number of sub-plots. But they donít get in the way of the bloody fist fights and martial artist massacres. Mostly these plot points, such as vengeance, world domination, double-dealing, and whatever else, are just teasers to keep us watching. What is to be the continuous main plot is just tossed aside.

So if it is violent bloodbathing you want, Kengan Ashusa is your anime. Personally, I got bored. The main story did not advance an inch from around episode 4 through episode 12 of season one. After that, I have no idea. I stopped watching. Now, unless someone can give me a good reason not to, I will go on to my next series.