Cannon Busters has it all! An immortal, two robots, mecha fighters, and practically every anime action cliche you can think of being overused -- badly. Yes, you have seen this all before, and done better.

Sam is a female friend robot who is also, unknown to her, a cannon buster. That's a powerful weapon. Along with her little friend, the android Casey, and her human friend Philly the Kid, they go in search of her best friend the missing Prince Kolby. Oh, and Sam, Casey, and Philly are all idiots. Also, Philly dies over and over again, but he's immortal so don't sweat it. That's about it. Really.

The series only gets partially interesting when it deals with Prince Kolby and his Defender running from the killer minions of the series' villain -- who looks too much like Dr. Gel from Space Dandy. So don't take the dramatic parts too seriously.

As far as the animation goes, considering this is a more recent anime, the quality is about ten years yesterday.

And that's really it. I stuck it out through all twelve episodes. It ends with a setup for season two, but really I am not interested.