Before we get into Love, Chunibyo and other Delusions, we first need to define what chunibyo or chuunibyou, is. According to the Urban Dictionary:

A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others.
As a middle schooler, Yuta was a chunibyo, calling himself the Dark Flame Master and possessing super powers. It pretty much ruined any chance of a social life. Now as a high schooler in a new school, Yuta puts his chunibyo days behind him determined to be an average, boring teen with friends. Then he meets Rikka, a classmate who just happens to live in the apartment upstairs, and who possesses the Eye of the Evil Lord. Yes, she is a chunibyo.

And Rikka is not the only one. There is Shinka, the hot girl in the class who is also a recovering chunibyo, and Sanae, who is Rikka’s disciple. Others join in on the madness, including a second season addition – an old flame of Yuta’s who is a “magical devil girl.” Yuta does have his hands full.

For the most part, Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions is played for laughs. But like any really good comedy, there is a dark side. Towards the end of season one, Rikka must confront her real psychological demons. But season one has a very good and satisfying ending.

Had the series ended with just one season, you could have used your imagination to determine for yourself how Yuta’s and Rikka’s relationship would go. But they did add a second season, which is entertaining, but was it really necessary? Little is added to the narrative, and whatever narrative there is I found to be nearly ignored for the smaller stories within each episode. It was mostly played for laughs, until we get to the love triangle.

From what I could find, there is no season three, but there are two movies. The latest is from 2018, six years after the series premiered.

The animation is suitable, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are several good action sequences, mostly occurring within the minds of Rikka or the others. Rikka’s best battles seem to be against the evil Princess, who is actually her disapproving older sister.

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions is a wild ride, and an entertaining one. It is not your typical high school anime, although it does use many of the same clichés; i.e., the obligatory beach scene and the school trip arc. But Love, Chunbiyo and Other Delusions gives them all its own unique twist. I recommend it.