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Thread: Assault lily bouquet

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    Default Assault lily bouquet

    The official website for the anime project Assault Lily Bouquet, a product of SHAFT and based on the Assault Lily Project, has announced the staffing and broadcast time for the project. The opening song of the movie has also been announced. The anime series will premiere in July 2020.
    See more: bắn c đổi thưởng thẻ co

    The workforce for the project includes:
    Director: Shouji Saeki
    Studio: SHAFT
    Character design: Mieko Hosoi
    Assistant director: Keita Nagahara
    Minor character design: Kazuya Shiotsuki
    Animation director: Souta Suwa

    In the near future, humanity will have to face destruction from mysterious giant creatures. They are called "Huge". The whole world has united together against Huge and developed a new weapon called "CHARM" (Counter Huge Arms). It is a weapon that combines science and magic. CHARM has shown its full potential when paired with teenage girls. The girls who use this weapon are seen as heroes with the name "Lilies". Around the world, the "Garden" military academy has been set up to train Lilies against Huge and create protective bases.
    This is the story of girls fighting to become Lilies in the Garden.
    End; Thanks u for see this post. you can visit my website xc đĩa trực tuyến
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