You think youíve got problems? Yuzuku Otonashi wakes up with no memory. The first person he meets is a cute girl named Yuri, who is aiming a high powered rifle at another cute girl she calls Angel. It seems that Yuzuku is dead and that the afterlife is a high school. I can take being dead, but eternity in high school? So begins Angel Beats! (The exclamation mark is part of the title. Why do anime series do that?)

So Yuzuku joins the Battlefront, a militia lead by Yuri which always changes its name, and is devoted to fighting Angel, who enforces discipline at the school. Oh, and Yuzuku is attracted to Angel, whose real name is Kanade.

So we go through various sub-plots during this thirteen episode series. Some are quite funny, as we are dealing with high school kids who don't know any better. But there is also quite a bit of darkness as most characters have some pretty depressing back stories. Itís actually a very interesting mix.

There is action as well, as Yuri, Yuzuku, and the others engage in battle. Fortunately, whenever someone gets killed, they donít die. Well, they are all dead already anyway, so they canít die again Ė unless they are obliterated.

Eventually, Yuzuku pieces together the mystery of Angel and this afterlife. The ending is sort of sad, but there is a half minute of a potential happy ending following the credits of the last episode. It really does not make any sense, but I suppose the writers didnít want to end on a total downer.

Angel Beats! is an entertaining anime. It sets no new standards as far as artwork and animation goes, but it is a good story.