Time for a fantasy adventure! Lyria is a cute, young girl with powers that The Empire wants to exploit for war. Lt. Katalina takes pity on the girl and together they escape, meeting a young guy named Gran and his best friend Vyrn, a flying something-or-other. Anyway, Gran gets killed trying to protect Lyria from Empire thugs, but that doesn’t mean anything. All Lyria has to do is share her life force with Gran, and he is cured – of death. So now the two can never part.

Thus Granblue Fantasy: The Animation begins, apparently based on a video game.

Along with a sky pilot named Rackam, the team head off on an adventure meeting new friends, assorted monsters, and more Empire thugs. The basic plotline is pretty thing, and the series loses it quite quickly. But the smaller sub-plotlines are good enough, and the characters are mostly likable. So the pluses do outnumber the minuses, giving Granblue Fantasy a passing grade.

The artwork is sufficient. The animation is as well, with some good action sequences. Warning: There is some blood, so maybe this one is not for the pre-school set.

Netflix Streaming has season one. There is a second season. Netflix also has a bonus episode which shows what would happen if Gran was a girl named Djeeta. They shouldn’t have. Really. I mean it.

I’ll go ahead and recommend Granblue Fantasy.