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Thread: Rising Hope

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    Default Rising Hope

    As before I'll write it in order kanji -> original translation -> new translation -> [explanation]. It's a translation correction, so please could you look at it @bluepenguin

    イメージ通りなんかじゃない 静かに騒ぎだした本能
    迷路みたい 生き止まりなんだ もう思考はディストーション
    容赦ないね いつの間に 見失ったルート、暴\れだす
    This isn't what I had in mind, creating a nuisance quietly is an instinct
    Like a maze, my life that has come to a standstill is an distortion when you further think about it
    I can't pardon this. Somehow, the route I've lost sight of starts to act violently
    'This isn't what I had imagined', my instincts silently start to get restless
    It's like a labyrinth, and there's no way to proceed forward; my thoughts are already distorted
    It's really not pulling any punches here, is it; before I know it, the route I've lost sight of starts to flail
    [OK the last line is an interpretation thing, but I don't see why the target would change]

    孤独なまま時が経ったって 逃げる事覚えたって
    My lonely days have passed, and I've learned from my cowardice
    Even if I've spent my time in solitude, even if I've learnt how to run away
    [I think the -たって in this case is the -ても kind]

    ほら守りたいんだって 僕の声が伝播した
    異論反論は許すけど この想いは不用意に科学できないでしょう?
    Look, I just wanted to protect your transmitted voice
    I accept different opinions and objections, but this desire can't be fulfilled without carelessly using science huh?
    'You see, I want to protect you', broadcasted out my voice
    I'll allow any other or counter opinions, but these emotions can't be carelessly explained by science, right?
    [it's not "your" voice, it's "mine". For the second line, I've never seen 科学する used before but it appears to not be to use science, but to scientifically view something]

    キミがくれる想いの全部を 信じていける
    それが 嘘がどうかなんて わからなくてもいい
    I can believe all your dreams you've entrusted to me
    That may somehow be a lie, it's okay even if you don't understand
    I can keep on going believing in all the feelings you've given me
    I don't mind whether you think that's a lie or not
    [OK I'll admit I really struggled to see if there was any strong argument for either it being "me" or "you" not knowing, with it all hanging on if それ is about the feelings in the second line of the verse, or the right answer in the first line. I decided to go with the idea of "me" not really caring if "I'm" believed rather than not fully believing in the feelings "I've" just said "I" believe in.]

    「僕は要らない まだ見たい未来があるから」
    [Without me, there's still a future I want to see]
    "I don't need them, as I have a future that I still want to see"
    [if it was 僕が要らない then maybe but I don't think it's attributive form]

    孤独なんかは消えて無くなって 逃げる事嫌になって
    This loneliness isn't going to disappear, and I've grown sick of running away
    The solitude fades and disappears, I get fed up of running away

    この願い 例え魔法がなくたって叶えなきゃ 誓った
    Even if this wish must come true without using magic, I've made a wow.
    I made a vow, so I have to grant this wish, whether I have magic or not
    [I have a sneaking suspicion that it's only me who thinks this line is phrased in a way that implied "so I have to make it come true anyway" at the end of the line, but I've added it to the list anyway. This line turns up in the first chorus as well]

    僕の右手 キミの左手 そっと繋いで
    握ったメッセージ that\'s rising hope
    My right hand, your left hand, softly connected to each other
    This message I held, that's rising hope
    My right hand and your left hand gently link
    The message they held- that's rising hope

    [yes I did this because I imagined it was the message held in the held hands, but also because of seeing it as 繋いで握った so it shouldn't be treated as separate]

    Even though this is probably cheeky of me considering the translation gets better near the end, but I'll just post a link to my translation just in case:
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