Maria Watches Over Us takes place at a prestigious all-girls school, where by tradition senior students adopt first year students as their “little sister.” One such first year student is Yumi, who is adopted by Sachiko. But what Yumi and Sachiko are unaware of is that alien invaders have infiltrated the school, and they are one-by-one capturing their friends and replacing their brains with robotic computers designed to turn the girls into zombie killing machines.

No, not really. That last part I made up. But I would have liked that to happen. Not that I normally go for bloody, mindless violence, but rather I just wanted something – anything – to happen.

Maria Watches Over Us is a slice-of-life anime which lacks anything resembling life. Each character goes through each episode facing whatever uninteresting issues come up, and then they talk. Conflicts? Not really.

The monotone of the Japanese actresses in the original dub, along with the lack of any real plot, almost put me to sleep at least once every episode. (Or every episode I watched. I gave up halfway through season one.) The DVD I watched had no English dub, so if I dozed off for a moment, I missed the subtitles.

I used whatever strength of will I had just to get as far as I did. But I weakened and could take no more. I certainly won’t be going back to Maria Watches Over Us.