Ready for another apocalypse? A giant meteor is about to hit Earth destroying mankind. The good news is plans are underway to put people into a cryogenic slumber, and awake them in the future. Well, not good news for those chosen.

As the name 7 Seeds might suggest, several teams of seven members each are to awaken at various places and times in order to restart the human race. Most have no idea what is going on. And not all will survive. There are various personalities involved. Some are brave, some are not. Some are heroic, and others are villains. Some are highly skilled, and others are seemingly useless. Attachments and friendships form, as well as enemies.

There is a lot going on here. Maybe too much. The viewer may find one or two of the various plot lines having holes. One character, a young girl is asleep in a coma-like state, but somehow she is suddenly awake. I think a scene or two must have been cut.

Still, 7 Seeds is a good adventure story, with its wide range of characters giving this anime depth. It kept my interest, and the ending of season one makes me impatient for season two, which is due out on Netflix Streaming next year.

Some nudity. Some profanity. A bit of blood here and there. And an attempted rape scene. So no, not for the kiddies.