It has been a while since I watched season 1 of Hero/Mask, and I seem to have forgotten many of the details. I was hoping season 2 would remind me, but no matter. Season 2, only nine episodes, goes in another entirely different direction.

Detective James Blood is back, and this time he is protecting a teenager named Tina, who has the secrets of the mask hidden as part of her body. Everyone wants Tina, and James has to save her, deal with a traitor, and other little problems. In all, it is a pretty good story well told.

The artwork and character designs are excellent, but the animation is a bit wooden. As in any science fiction, there has to be a level which rises above disbelief, but Hero/Mask does push it a bit at time. How can James get shot up, lose a lot of blood, and then after a short rest be as strong as ever?

Anyway, as I said, it is a good story. Quite bloody with action, but a good story.