Retsuko, that cute little. . . . Bear? Cat? Iím not really sure. But she is back facing the everyday challenges of being a working girl. Only this time she has new problems. There is this psycho new employee. Thereís Retukoís mom, who thinks at 25 her daughter is a spinster. But can it be that Retsuko has finally found true love?

The second season of Aggretsuko is on par with the first. Itís a quick watch at ten 15 minute episodes, but there is quite a bit to discover in this all animal universe of working stiffs. And Resuko does come out a little more sure of herself in the end.

The artwork is cartoonish Ė intentionally. Turn the sound off, and you may think you are watching a kids' show. But Aggretsuko is a very telling satire of the adult world. Itís also good for a laugh.

Both seasons of Aggretsuko are on Netflix streaming.