Apparently Moeyo Ken TV is based on a video game. Usually when an anime is based on a video game, a story is created and the characters given their own personalities. Not here.

The series is set in an alternate Earth, where monsters live with humans. Although to keep the peace, monsters are required to be licensed. Oryo is in charge of the Mobile Shinsengumi Company, founded by her absent husband. They fight and capture unlicensed monsters, though seemingly they do not get paid for this service. But they do get a lot of bills for the collateral damage they cause.

Toshie, Kaoru, and Yuko are the three talented, but clueless young women hired by Mobile Shinsengumi. For some reason, the company is to be saved when Oryoís son Ryunosuke returns home with his cat monster friend, Nekomaru. There is also a trio of villains who donít seem to be in the series for any purpose whatsoever.

And thatís it. Oh, there are some battles with monsters, and a running story were the girls try to hook Ryunosuke up with a cute local girl who runs a restaurant. But thatís it. No real story. No character development. Just everyone acting silly.

As an action comedy, Moeyo Ken TV tries to make it as a dumb, but fun anime. But there is nothing here to hold oneís interest. I made it halfway through the series. Disc one contains the first seven episodes, so I watch just a bit more than half. Most of the time I was waiting for each episode to be over.

There is nothing on Moeyo Ken TV.