Our favorite hot, sexy gambling addict, Yumeko is back with more adventures and more games. Season two of Kakegurui continues the saga, but can it compete with season one?

Things are heating up at Hyakkao Private Academy, where gambling is on par with one’s studies. Student Council President Kirari resigns her post forcing a new election, with more than the president’s position at risk. Also on the line is the position of heir to the clan leadership, and through that eventual ultimate power over Japan. So many of Kirari’s fellow clan members enroll in the school to compete in the newly called elections.

And how are votes won? By appealing to one’s fellow students? No. At Hyakkao votes can be gained by gambling only. With stakes this high, Yumeko cannot stay uninvolved, especially since the risks now can turn deadly. So many more gambling orgasms for Yumeko.

In all, season two still falls short of season one. The whole winning an election by gambling in complex or simply stupid games seems to have been forced onto our characters in a desperate attempt to get a plot and a story. And Yumeko’s love affair with taking high risks is getting old. It does get a bit wearisome to hear her go on about how gambling is the only way to live one’s life.

Still there are some exciting moments and tense plot twists. Leaving the story unresolved pretty much leaves things open to a season three, but if it is the same-old same-old, would there be no point.

If you loved season one of Kakegurui, you will like season two. Like, not love. So I give Kakegurui, season 2, a qualified recommendation.