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Thread: New Characters In Fruits Basket 2019

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    Default New Characters In Fruits Basket 2019

    I thought of two new significant characters in 2019 Fruits Basket:

    Kenji Kojiro: a depressive, dark 16-year old high school human male. Once a great student, all that changed a year ago with the accident he and his older brother Kamui were involved in. The accident killed Kamui (he opened the driver door and crawled several feet before succumbing to his injuries) and damaged Kenji's left arm, leaving it unusable for a long time. He woke up in the hospital to learn about his tragedy and grief and despair quickly overcame him. Now he is classified as a crippled delinquent who frequently skips classes and suffers from low grades. However, Tooru Honda befriends him and opens his past to her, how he often mentions his brother Kamui. His arm, though still bearing scars from the accident (a permanent reminder), has been recovering and slowly he is rebuilding his education. However, at one point, Kenji develops a serious fever and illness ("Argh I'm dying! I need help! Tooru!")
    Characteristics: Eyes: Brown (wears glasses), Hair: Brown

    Kamui Kojiro: Kenji's 23-year old brother, appears in many flashbacks and an old friend of Tooru's mother. He died in a major accident; the accident also crippled Kenji's arm. While he was alive, the taught Kenji about the Chinese Zodiac. He also stood up for him against thugs that bullied and assaulted him; fighting them off. Kamui always looked after Kenji as the big brother.
    Characteristics: Eyes: Green (wears sunglasses), Hair: Brown
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