Bear with me for a second. I’m still trying to figure out the whole plot. The beginning of Revisions is simple enough. A young boy named Daisuke is saved from a kidnapping by an agent of the future named Milo. Milo tells Daisuke that his destiny is to save the world. After that it gets pretty hairy.

First of all, seven years later, high school student Daisuke takes his role as protector seriously – seriously to the point of being annoying. But when Milo returns with a mecha called a String Puppet, designed solely for Daisuke, and then a monster shows up. . . . Well, the whole town gets sent to the future where the Revisions are set on using their victims to gain human bodies, or something like that. There is lots of action, but also a bit of confusion.

And Daisuke is not alone. His four closest friends are also out to fight the Revisions using String Puppets – which only high school kids can pilot, of course. But pressure gets to the group. Daisuke turns whiney and relationships get strained.

Despite the confusing plot, there is quite a lot to like in this anime. There are moments of suspense and plot twists, despite Revisions containing every single cliché you can imagine.

And the animation itself is great to watch. Characters move more naturally than in most anime series. But that may be because the technology is improving and making that extra effort does not strain the budget. About the only character who does not look natural is a Revision named Nicholas who takes the form of a cigar smoking, pudgy dog. But looks can be deceiving.

Not a great anime, but an acceptable series. Revisions does have its moments, and as complex as the plot gets, I still was able to follow the main story-line. The twists, turns, and lies do draw you in. This series may require multiple viewings to figure the whole thing out. It might be worth it.