And now the show which makes you ask the question, “WTF?”

Gregory Horror Show offers a good concept. First, visually it is not what you think of when you think of anime. It looks like old school animation, or an old Dire Straits music video. Characters have square heads, and move like they were animated a decade before this show was really made.

Second, the story is told in a POV manner. (That’s point of view.) It looks like you are walking through a video game.

And the plot? A lost traveler arrives at a hotel named Gregory House. It is run by a mouse or rat or some other kind of rodent named Gregory. He seems friendly enough, except he runs his guests through a series of horrifying experiences.

Good concept, but terrible execution. Each segment runs for not more than two minutes, after which the opening is rerun. The doors open and the title “Gregory Horror Show” appears on the screen. Does one get tired of this? Yes. It breaks the rhythm of the narrative. It’s like watching digital TV without cable. You get interruptions after interruptions.

I usually give anime more of a chance, but after just one disc, I have had enough of Gregory Horror Show. I have no plans to watch the next two.