I'm having trouble interpreting a couple of lines in 君が歌う僕の歌.
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The song commemorates Meiko's 12 anniv. of release. My understanding is that the singer is the songwriter and 君 refers to Meiko. It seems that something happened in the narrator's past that would have damaged their future, but Meiko helped that to change for the better.

(Of course my interpretation could be wrong or others could be possible.)

One bit I'm having trouble with is verse 3
砕けた未来も / ふわり、許してくれる
kudaketa mirai mo / fuwari, yurushite kureru
Does the following translation seem OK? I'm not confident but it's the best way I can understand it. My main problem is I've never seen 許す used in this way. Usually it means to permit or to forgive.
You even gracefully let me have / my shattered future back
The other bit is verse 7.
零れた過去さえ / さらり、まとってくれる
koboreta kako sae / sarari, matotte kureru
Does the following translation seem OK?
Even effects of the past / you easily bear for me
Since 零れる's fundamental meaning is to spill out of a container, I take it to mean that [things from] the past are escaping [into the present]. まとう can mean to put on clothing or to wrap around, but together with さらり it would mean to do it easily, i.e., slip on [clothing].

However, I find it tricky putting the two lines together. It seems a bit forced to me, but the only thing I've come up with is that Meiko takes the consequences of the narrator's past and easily puts them on herself, thus helping him deal with them.

Can anyone think of any better way to understand these lines (or the song as a whole)?