Finally, here it is ... version 1903, claimed to be a must have by a lot of tech enthusiasts.

These are some of the changes:
  • Light theme: It appears to be a rejigged version of the white theme that already existed within the operating system, but it can give your computer a crisp, modern look, allowing you to turn all aspects of the user interface white, if you should wish to do so;
  • Kaomoji support: Kaomoji are symbols and faces made up of 'standard' characters - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - that can be used to represent all manner of things;
  • Windows Sandbox: Windows Sandbox is a new feature design to allow you to test the legitimacy of .exe files and programmes that you may not fully trust. Very useful to avoid possible virus infections;
  • Accounts: A new settings page for Sign-in options. Password-less phone number accounts available for other accounts you set up on your PC.
Microsoft is also launching a health dashboard website alongside the latest update to Windows 10, which offers users information on the latest updates, and any known issues that have been found and are being investigated.

These are only a very short list of new features and changes. An extensive list of changes can be found - here -.

As per usual, the upgrade will be available in stages, so don't worry, if you don't get it today. It will come.