Thereís a talking bird here! Thatís your first warning. Jing: King of Bandits, aka King of Bandits Jing, does tend to lean on the juvenile side, and quite frankly juvenile anime does not interest me anymore. Unless itís got a tinge of darkness or something for the adults. But I only made it through five episodes. I had my doubts after episode one, but from past lessons I have learned to give it at least five episodes to see if there is anything of interest there. There isnít. Although episode five did try to go for the tear ducts; it pretty much failed.

So the series centers around this kid named Jing, who is a master thief known as the King of Bandits, although for the first five episodes he doesnít steal very much, and what he does steal is nothing much of value. The character is aimed a bit at kids, if you donít mind your kid seeing a thief as a hero. At least in Mouse, the thief as a hero was aimed at adults.

So a master thief who really doesnít steal much, a talking bird who is horny for human women and can be used as a weapon, and several cute girls in distress. . . . Not much else is going on here, and we see nothing we have not seen done before and done better.

If anyone else has seen Jing: King of Bandits, let me know if you think the series is worth sticking with Ė though without spoilers.