The full title is Ingress: The Animation, which leads me to think this anime series may be based on a live action show. Maybe, but I will let someone else look that up. Iím here to talk about the anime.

So the world is full of something called XM, which most people canít see. But those with special mental talents can use XM to increase their powers. The Hulong corporation is researching XM, when one of their researchers, Sarah, learns what their real evil intent is and decides to stop it. Only she gets caught, until she is rescued by a psychic detective named Makoto. Sarah and Makoto are then pursued by Hulongís goons, and by Jack, a gun for hire who supposedly is supposed to protect Sarah.

So what we have is the basic run for your life, get captured, get rescued, and now that everything is hopeless, save the world at the last minute story. We may have seen this before, but with Ingress it is done so well.

There are twists and turns in with the plot. Though some are predictable, even the twists have twists to them.

The artwork is impressive enough. The animation is better than your average anime series. For much of the series, the character movements seem natural, though there may have been some cost cutting towards the end. Still, this is a joy to watch because the effort is clearly there.

Note that it does get a bit bloody at times. And the science can get a bit confusing. Nonetheless, Ingress: The Animation is worth watching. It can currently be seen on Netflix streaming.