I'm also using part of this piece in my signature and in my avatar. This is a character design for the main protagonist of my light novel Looking For Paradise. When I wrote the novel back in 2014 I originally wanted to create a manga. Sadly, at the time I lacked the technical skills to do so. Today, though, thanks to what I've learned so far in University, the books I read on the comic craft(weaving a story, writing a script, telling a story in panels, penciling/inking/coloring, publishing, marketing, ect.), and taking notes from YouTube tutorials(look up Mark Crilley - the guy is awesome) I've finally developed enough confidence to turn my story into a full-fledged manga series.

Looking for some feedback and constructive criticism, as well.

Here is the main character, Limerence McKenzie. I'll be posting character designs for the other cast when they're done in this post.